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tv   [untitled]    July 20, 2012 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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please don't. come here headlines now explosions gun battles syria has the. observer mission to the conflict zone to the new draft resolutions are on the table after russia and china vetoed a western backed motion the did not rule. meanwhile russian officials have denied media reports claiming they have information to president assad prepared to step down also on the list of. both assad and his wife. police. on the streets of space as the public.
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imposed in return for a bank rescue. and now a u.s. presidential contender mitt romney is in the crosshairs of. please. if you. still. want to. follow in welcome to crossfire and you know all about the trials and tribulations of g.o.p. presidential candidate mitt romney has romney's rich history in less than transparent business records too much for voters why he is the campaign down so negative so quickly and is camp abomination getting personal merely to cover up its own record. and you can. start.
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to cross talk the us presidential campaign i'm joined by stephen lesser new york he is a senior partner with democratic spring strategies and a writer for democrats for progress also in new york we have a guy he is a political activist and journalist and in las vegas we go to wayne root he's a political commentator and author of the conscience of a libertarian empowering the citizen revolution with god guns gold and tax cuts all right gentlemen this is crossfire that means you can jump in anytime you want steve if i can go to you first why is it gotten so personal so fast is obama camp looking for a knockout early even before the convention. well you know the obama campaign is simply going on what mitt romney said is his biggest justification for being president he says his experience at bain capital he claims he created jobs he claims all these wonderful things so the obama campaign is saying let's take a look at that let's take a look at all of what bain capital has done and in addition to that let's take
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a look at you know some of the things that romney has not been forthcoming about mitt romney is refusing to disclose more than two years of his tax returns it's unprecedented for a presidential candidate and you know if somebody is going to be tasked with taking this country to the next level in terms of fixing its economic problems let's see what their experience is really all about not not just you know the nice parts of our candidate would like to talk about but i'm sure if i'd also do you in new york you think this campaign has got negative very fast for the electorate and is it hitting the right note the right notes as far as what the political agenda in the u.s. political campaigns in the united states to be to the negative this one has gotten negative as the coming to thing slightly earlier than than others but i that hasn't been makes appearance in watching politics i mean what else would they talk about the real issues perhaps. you know they you know as stated we have one
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party in the united states and that is the property party we have two right wings. of a party and therefore they're not going to discuss actually cutting taxes and i mean increasing returning to progressive tax rates that it can actually continue to fund the treasury so what else is there to talk about but personal attacks against each other what do you think about that when they just want to destroy mitt romney's reputation. that's the agenda at least for now well you know the obama side the obama side actually peter has no choice but to destroy mitt romney's reputation because they can't run on their record with member i'm a libertarian i'm actually supporting gary gary johnson the former two term governor of new mexico in this race because i think you've got two parties heading the united states of america for disaster one of them the democrats heads for the cliff and two hundred mph and bankrupt this country and the republicans head for
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the cliff at about one hundred miles per hour and we'll still get to that cliff still fly off and still go bankrupt but at least it's some level of sanity better than barack obama who is added more to the debt by the time he's done than all presidents in the history of america come by in the real unemployment rate by the way right around twenty percent forget the numbers year of eight percent the real estate collapse at this point is the greatest american history worse than the peak of the great depression the numbers are staggering and we have a president who chooses to demonize and denigrate people like me that over own businesses if you can hear just two days ago he sounded like we have a mistake he's not the american president he must be your old soviet he's got to be filled with soviet propaganda coming straight from your country because he actually had the nerve to say never thought in my lifetime i would hear every politician say that that that i don't get credit for running my own business when i'm jumping.
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over you know your hand enough an american sure the way this is grounds i was with the wane in the beginning because like himself i do agree that both parties. headed to the for the cliff but he lost me way when he started attacking obama's foreign minister because really that is just more of this thing. it has nothing to do with the issues the issues and i'm not one of these people that also i would like wayne i do not subscribe to the false equivalence. see i do believe that. the republicans have shown themselves to be the party of the top one percent they made it very clear that their interest is in preserving the rights of corporations to exploit their workers and and with it and grant them and less tax cuts and less breaks and all manner of of special treatment the democrats on the other hand have made it clear that they only pay lip service to some of the things that
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progressives would like to see in this country so. yes a surely the result is exactly the same they neither neither party is willing to raise revenue the treasury needs revenue to function there is no government that can find you know that eventually when all the ok if you're saying. no no you're not going to steve fair time. so i take issue sort of with both mitt what both men are saying because first of all barack obama is a president of united states right now and he is doing things to try to both bring the economy around and also address some of the protests progressive taxation issues that i was bringing up he's trying to remove the bush tax cuts for the wealthy he's trying to keep the ones for the middle class and the other thing is what the president inherited and where we are now is a track record that he absolutely can run and i think we're going to see a lot of that during the campaign is going to be debates where the entire topic is going to be the economy there's plenty of time to talk about that but what we want
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to talk about right now is we have a we have a person who thinks he can take over this job from the present he's saying that he can do a better job i don't think he can and he's using this this company and his running of it to try to claim that that's why he should get the job that's why he would be able to do a better job and when you look at that company it's not making a compelling argument it's not saying the type of things about mitt romney that he would like to be able to say about himself i think that's absolutely fair game and i don't think that that's a smokescreen and i think that's going to be a big problem for mitt romney going forward and it's not just president obama and the obama campaign and democrats have been saying about stuff about this the republicans who are his competitors for the nomination have been saying these kinds of things since january this is not new the romney campaign knew this was coming and they've just been caught flatfooted ok when you want to jump in go ahead peter i well with even going away i just said go ahead what what if your guest just said that we've got to get more revenue and that is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard my life the revenue is massive we've got to cut spending the united states of
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america is like a drug addict we are addicted to spending where shopaholics we don't need more revenue i pay plenty in taxes i pay way too much with all due respect to stephen the reality is that ex-communist countries your ex soviet republics all have flat ten to twenty per. tax rates well the united states of america has massive taxes and the average american pays taxes later in the year if you add up everything we owe that or any time in the history of america it's not about just the income tax rate on the federal level it's state it's local it's sales tax it's property tax it's business taxes we have the highest corporate tax in the world and you are chasing people away one of the biggest democratic contributors in america is denise rich and she was the friend of the clintons and she just renounced her american citizenship if obama is reelected i will make this prediction you will see
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americans in droves record numbers leaving the united states of america and renouncing their citizenship the taxes are too high we are offshoring jobs because the taxes and the rules and the regulations on our growing resistance military wing what we need to do is we need to offshore barack obama let's send them to russia. good hunter jumper. oh give it a break these lovely red meat this is a lovely red meat talking points that you know invoke the wrath of people by lying that we are paying high taxes taxes actually the lowest of the second was the have been since records start not be fair over fifty years democratic republic was never. even use the lowest they've ever been only eighteen percent for the country. in the clinton years and as it is as it has done in the past taxes have been at
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a rate of twenty five percent their only eighteen percent now and with the bush tax cuts added in and the two wars we simply cannot afford it corporations in this country do not pay that will bring x. rays they may be a marginal tax rate that is high but no corporation pays those rates because they all have all manner of loopholes we have all manner of loop. it was for all sorts of categories throughout the tax code and you know this the mug and the mortgage deductions the moment of deductions we have companies like g.e. that were paid three billion dollars by the treasury state of being taxes at all last year and there are many companies that don't. and right now the issue is i want to mention the other way around here i want to jump in and i can hardly understand what i want to do it is easier. to go to steve here there's the strategy right now is is the rich against everyone else ok and if the obama people are doing a really good job with these are hard times well and the reason is the reason why
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the rich against everybody else is you know when you're trying to cry and say that the rich people want to leave rich people you know the taxes on dividends and those types of income is around fifteen percent i mean if they're saying that's too much how much should it be i want to know from from way how much of it should be zero should should the rich pay no taxes on millions of dollars on dividend income you're really trying to tell people wayne that that's too much because i don't think anybody around the world is going to try to answer even the two tax returns that he did released there was an average of around fifteen percent tax rate so cranch is absolutely right that's an absolutely ridiculous suggestion that the rich are going to leave because of a fifteen percent dividend tax rate so i'm like i'm happy to have that sort of debate with republicans. before we go to the break go ahead wayne go ahead. what you've done is you've taken the democratic message the obama message which is distraction stracke the average middle class and upper middle class small business
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people and tell them that the rich aren't paying enough in taxes and then raise taxes on people like me that i'm sure going to turn to our destruction like the right wing tax returns are you guys that's exactly that's exactly what was on his tax return here true i think if they had increased than average times like in the last two years and there and here we have actual this country try sending out a job in america already going to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion of the u.s. presidential campaign they. can. still. resistance is not a politics but a culture. this
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could be. on its own. cultures of resistance on parts.
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well come across time to mind you were talking about presidential candidate mitt romney. ok can i just go back to new york let's use it to have a test the ronald reagan test are you better off four years ago than you are today . then he should you vote for well i personally. i personally. i suppose i'm about the same. but they come to me i would i would argue that i present them by the same i would argue that most people would probably say i good number of people would probably say they are better off now than they were four years ago who are those people. grant you are well
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remember that unemployment is unemployment right now in the country is at about eight percent that actually means that ninety two percent of americans are employed the their remaining eight percent unemployment. people that are. periodically unemployed and periodically employed it's not the same necessarily group of people that remain unemployed there is there are certainly improvements that have that have happened in the last four years americans do understand that the bush tax cuts and the bush wars lead us to the precipice that they have led us to we could not afford the bush tax cuts they represent two point eight trillion to . get up to three point lead or can i jump in here in the last i read in your mantra like you made your point go ahead and then go ahead. peter we have a disaster on our hands trust me so listen to the people who get
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a paycheck each week a safe paycheck so lets the government employees who have a pension a fat pension and free health care for life and bloated salaries listen to small businessmen like me main street is a disaster it's a tragedy we're on the edge of a cliff because obama is running our country the same way that france and italy and spain and greece and portugal have been run and they're all bankrupt and solve it they have disasters on their hands you can't run a country for very very very inefficient on the way to a lawyer and that politics of division the steve i don't think so no there is a division even today with a receiver that you know is working and it's got that message might you know that nice that that that message might play to u.s. audience for folks who may have it may have not been overseas don't live overseas with an international audience here ninety nine percent of the people who just heard what you said wayne are not going to buy it they don't believe that the u.s. is run at all like france or italy or spain and it's not
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a guarantee of you not how about forty six million people out of those stands people in those countries and you know so so you know i would say i'm going to have figures internally like i was saying was that we had way too low taxes for the wealthy there's too much of a burden to this country to fund government programs we need to lower taxes for the middle class we need more stimulus and we need a higher tax rate on the wealthy in this country fifteen percent is not acceptable that's why mitt romney doesn't want to release any more of his taxes at the very best that the very best it's going to hear that he's paid about fifteen percent tax for the last ten to twenty years i and the american public the middle class who are paying guys five twenty eight percent are not going to excite listen up guys listen up ok i want to go to you the reason there are no jobs reason there are no jobs is because you g.m. and i's the wealthy and by the way i mean the two hundred fifty thousand a five hundred thousand a year category that's small business and you keep talking about the wealthy like billionaires and then democrats like oh i mean that really zachary what i want to
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talk about and so i want to sound like i'm not ok i'm a mitt romney says he's against crony capitalism isn't he part of crony capitalism . well listen you know you're talking to a guy i would love to see gary johnson be the next president of states you want a model for how to run the country these two hysterical guys i'm debating with gary johnson brad new mexico with fourteen tax cuts never raise taxes once dramatic spending cuts and at the end of his term the most vetoes of all governors in america combined and they went from a dramatic budget deficit to a one billion dollar budget surplus that's how america needs to be wrought massive spending cuts and make sure that people keep more of their own money and stop demonizing successful people like me when you need us ok create all the jobs in america well i don't know it's kind of interesting because a lot of people as i could find go to the financial crisis was caused by crony capitalism. the financial crisis was indeed caused by crony capitalism by endless
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tax cuts for corporations by and as deregulation for top corporations lying wall street to basically gamble with money i walked on i worked on wall street myself i am familiar with with the endless push for special treatment on wall street and this deregulation knowing full well that it is actually required and wayne you know we're not here to demonize
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and we. just want to ask. me as a pointed question do you think mitt romney's holding back on his taxes because there's something there that he doesn't want people to know about. i think it's another distraction i couldn't care less about mitt romney's tax returns i do care by the way about barack obama's background so maybe we should arrange a trade and i would suggest mitt romney arrange a trade he should announce that he'll release his tax returns when obama releases his college records he was my college classmate at columbia diversity and i believe
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there's a massive scandal brewing at obama's time to columbia diversity so as soon as he releases unseals his college records if i was mitt i'd release my tax returns going back ten years but guess what the economy is in shambles and i don't care about mitt romney's tax returns i care about cutting spending cutting regulations rules and mandates and getting america back to work and i just as you know living coolidge one of our great president said the business of america is business you've got to take care of business man and i think. the definitely steve jobs been just out ahead peter. you know peter i'm not so sure that the american people want to know what barack obama got in english one o one at columbia you know but but one of the things that i do want to say is that mitt romney jumped all over ted kennedy in one thousand nine hundred four during their debate and complained that and it attacked ted kennedy for not releasing more tax returns so here we are right seventeen eighteen years later and he's refusing to release his own tax returns in two thousand and four ed gillespie one of
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romney's top advisers attacked the kerry campaign for not releasing teresa heinz kerry's tax returns the wife so we have this massive hypocrisy here of romney demand and his top aides demanding everybody else is tax returns that they've ever dealt with in the past twenty years they don't want to release their own you know that's going to become a bigger and bigger problem and it is going to want to we want to increase hiring and i think that's a relevant question what is the highest amount of. the city's iranian receive not tonight is it tax evasion what is finances. with you know organized crime we don't even know we don't know and i don't tell us we won't release the information here republicans republicans have been demanding more tax returns using the is allowed to say things i want to show you i can go ahead and push. rageous outrageous you can say things like that that slander and release. when you are already very simplistic and i'm not here is
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a release that is here to turn their fifteen republicans fifteen problem on the whole book and including bill kristol a whole bunch of other folks the people if you look up the word republican half of these folks his pictures come up in the dictionary they're telling mitt romney release your tax return here and i was in here and western media only he won't do it aren't going to go ahead jump in. peter i want to do what you want to do there's a fair time you're going to go ahead. the mitt romney's tax returns are actually obsoleted relevant because mitt romney has a tax proposal that would give himself even five cuts so that is very relevant barack obama's transcripts relevant and you know it when we had president bush who was a state student in wire in the sea and we had dick cheney the vice president was a dropout from yale and none of those mattered made them those were not that that made them worse presidents or maybe they were but we do know that you know so these
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are distractions and for someone who comes on on t.v. saying that you're not here to defend mitt romney and that you're not here to defend the politics of distraction you should throwing around a lot of distractions mitt romney's tax cuts tax return peter already because of his proposal on the tax code it is absolutely relevant all right we're going to the last one of the programs that's relevant peter what's relevant is forty six million americans on food stamps a levon million a disability for the last three months there's a higher rate of people getting on disability then the job rolls what's relevant is forty percent of the net worth of the average american is gone what's relevant is i own businesses on main street and they're being systematically destroyed and all residents are the results of this by he says business with germany i think when you do this for hours thank you very much many thanks to my guest today in new york and
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then last august and thanks to our viewers for watching us here to see you next time and remember last night. if you. still. want to. see technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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